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Definitive Roofing is a division of Definitive Development. The principles at Definitive have been servicing Alaskans since 1970 as General Contractors involved in Residential & Commercial construction. Included is the construction of over 400 units of Residential housing during the 1970's - 80's & 90's. This extensive general construction experience has endowed Definitive Roofing with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Total Roof System - including: Structural Components, Insulation Types and Uses, Ventilation Designs, and Roofing Types and Applications. All of these are part of your Total Roof System.

Thank you for selecting Definitive Roofing and we are happy to give you our free analysis and estimates.

How has selecting a roofer become more compex?

Here a just a few things factoring into the complexity of selecting a roofer today and what separates Definitive Roofing from other roofing contractors:

1) There is a much larger selection of products, for homeowners and roofing contractors. With all the options, it can get confusing for the homeowner, plus it creates the opportunity for the roofing contractor to use "lesser" products. When we do a job, we use the best material available and we use more of it.

2) There are increased standards and regulations. If a roofing contractor doesn't keep up to date with the standards and regulations, it can cause major issues down the road. Definitive Roofing actually goes beyond the industry standards and state regulations on all our roofing projects. We make it a priority to stay updated by attending seminars and training classes often. Our office is filled with certification certificates.

3) There are more roofing contractors (new ones seems to pop up and close down on a yearly basis). Several roofers make promises they can't keep at prices they can't afford, and are forced to take short cuts to compensate (the term "short-cut" is not part of our vernacular). By the time the you become aware, if you become aware at all, of the deficiency in the "roof system", the installing roofer has either left town or is out of business. We've been a solid business in Anchorage for 51 years; we're not going anywhere.

4) It seems good customer service has gone the way of the dodo bird. We respect the importance of our customers. We realize the importance of great customer service, regardless the size of the roofing project. Whether it's getting a new roof or having some roof repair done, Definitive Roofing makes it a point to inform the customer to what's happening throughout the entire process. It can be extremely frustrating for the homeowners to be left "out of the loop"; it is their house for cryin' out loud. We make it a priority to keep you "in the loop."

We make every effort and strive to be the best roofing contractor in Alaska. Rest assured, your decision to use Definitive Roofing will give you the piece of mind your project will be done in its ENTIRTY and your decision was the right one.

We are not in the business of telling you that a new roof will fix your ice dams, condensation leaks or anything beyond just getting new roofing - all these problems require special design and construction items beyond the basic roofing change out. (re-roof)


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