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With over 51 years of roofing experience in Alaska, Definitive Roofing possesses an extensive knowledge of the Roofing Industry necessary to provide the most economical solution to any roofing challenge you may have. Whatever your needs are: flat roofs, pitched roofs, Single-Family Apartments or Multi-family Dwellings, Definitive Roofing has you covered.

Standard and Premier products of every kind, technology-advanced self-adhered modified bitumen membranes installed utilizing the highest quality materials, proven "Industry Standard" construction methods and our dedicated Total Quality Management Program to provide a protective, long-lasting, worry-free investment to your property.

Pitched & Steep Slope:

Shingles - By far and away the number one covering over the steep-sloped roofs of the United States are asphalt shingles.

Metal Roofs - Definitive Roofing has you covered for metal roofs.

Low & Flat Slope:

Torch-On - A multiple-layer bituminous membrane applied with a torch that "welds" the rolls into a single mat covering.  Torch-on bitumen is the most widely used roofing product for low pitch and flat roofs.  It is the most wind-resistant and is totally waterproof.

EPDM - A rubber-type single-ply membrane either mechanically attached or fully adhered using glues.  Excellent flexibility in all temperatures.

TPO - A plastic-type single-ply membrane used widely in commercial applications, either mechanically attached or fully adhered using glues.

P.V.C. - PVC roofing is very similar to TPO, but allows for a superior installation method, resulting in a more dependable roof.

Hot Tar B.U.R. - The oldest of all roofing types used today.  The hot tar roof uses four plys, each applied using hot tar.  This roofing has the longest track record and when covered with rocks can last up to 50 years.  Used on low slope and flat roofing areas.

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